The Experiment - Implementing the Knowledge

From this blog you can see I am reviewing books on NLP, strategy, wealth management, plus other money or money making ideas. It seems obvious to then implement those ideas directly to this website. I am going to start with only reviewing free books from the kindle promotions implement those ideas. The idea being I spend nothing but my time and see what is possible. On this page I say what I have implemented and comment on its success and from what book it came from.

I will also be implementing any marketing ideas to sell my own Fiction book The Birth of Vengeance (Thorn's Needles) The Birth of Vengeance (Thorn's Needles)

Firstly I need to get people to this website, then I can think about the rest.

1 - Use stumble upon to promote blog (99 ways to flood your website)
Work got 30 extra hits than normal on the same day. After that went back to normal again. Good for a one time hit.

2 - Entered site on to a ping my web site page and directory submission site (99 ways)
Haven't seen any changes yet, but won't expect to straight away

3 - Added share buttons, plus a contact form (99 ways)
Early days for this strategy, but hopefully lays the foundations

4 - Forums and other peoples blogs (99 ways)
Don't have the time at the moment and need to build content first.

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