Friday, 26 October 2007

More visibility

Put back on a couple of pounds from last week but I expected that as it was a bit of bounce back from losing 6 pounds due to illness.
Not being running this week but have taken a few walks at lunch time and done some weights. Plan to going running this weekend to start off again.

Had a brief 1 to 1 the other day. Everything going okay been told I need to get more visibility at work to the higher levels of management. I have a presentation pack on a piece of work I need to seen to my director. Will do this my the end of the day. Have been asked to get involved in presenting at the off site day to the entire directorate, about 200 people.

It has been mention thta other peers have a higher level of visibility as the are very out spoken especially at the management meetings. I was though they talked a load of rubbish and it was an obviously attention grabbing execrise. So far I have kept out of it. However, I could use the opporuntity to lock horns with them, try and use a few Sleight of Mouth and NLP skills to try and derail them in the meeting sna dget some of the lime light for myself. I will print a copy of the SOM patterns out and keep in my book for quick referal in the meetings.

I am on a communication course next week that should be interesting. There a re  plenty of practical sessions so I get a chance to try it all out with out fear of messing it up.

Added a nice touch to a email about a project yesterday. Recent financial results show the importance of a project we are working on I re-print it in a project email update. I was told by others that it was a nice touch to the email.

Need to keep track of how I use NLP and strategy every day. I think its becoming a unconscious competence!! Then again may be not.

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Off sick

Well another week has passed. Lost some weight however it was mostly due to being ill all week. As I recover I am sure some will go back on we will see. Lost 6 pounds in a week long way off my target, but hopefully I can keep going now. Should have been 8 pounds my now and I am only on 6 pounds which has only happen in 1 week due to sickness.

As I said been ill most of the week so nothing really to report at all. Have been off work for 4 days plus weekend. Spent my time firstly looking after my daughter as she was ill, then I picked up the bug as was ill until today. Still feeling a bit weak.

Great weekend of Rugby with England into the World Cup Final. Some interesting psychology to be examined on how the England team have created such great team spirit. The same with some of the other teams as well. All Blacks who have the best squad in the world just can't create a team. So when the crunch comes the don't know how to react and choke.

Friday, 12 October 2007

Catch Up

haven't blogged in a while. Been very busy at home and work.
Firstly my diet was going well until I went on holiday and I now seem to be back to square one. I have started the process again so shall weigh my self on 17th Oct.

In terms of NLP I have been using it but can't think of anything to discuss specifically. Been getting into reading books on office politics recently. I have seen a number of similar themes in office politics and NLP, strategy & management techniques.

Been trying to take much more preventative action at work. When I see the problems occuring try and stop them before it becomes an issue. Before I would like to see it become an issue to see how well I could handle it using my NLP and Strategy skills. I realized that the best use of my skills is in a more preventative mode rather than letting it happen or even encouraging the issues to make it more of a challenge. Prevention is better than cure!!!!!!